National Recycling Day

Today is National Recycling Day, horay! It’s quite exciting that we, as a country, highlight (though not half as much as international pirate day, which was yesterday, and all over facebook – quite sad really) this day and hope to raise awareness of the need for recycling and what can happen if we don’t (think landfill right outside your front door). It all falls under Clean-Up South Africa week which is also quite a cool event, culminating in Coastal Clean-Up day tomorrow where people all over the peninsula (and hopefully our whole coastline) will take to the beaches to clean up their coast.

So today, on this whole recycling theme, here is your step by step of how to recycle (if you live in South Africa).
1. Order this amazing trio pedal-push bin bin from Postwink which has three compartments, one for recyclable waste, one for general waste and one for organic waste

So stylish, so smart, so slimline!

So stylish, so smart, so slimline!

2. Start separating your waste in your awesome cool bin (recyclables are glass, plastic, tin and paper – most recycling drop offs accept mixed recyclable waste so you can throw it all into one recycling bin) (organic can be fed to your worm farm or compost heap)
3. Check out this website website where you enter your area and it tells you the closest place to drop off your recycling (do it on your way to work, or once a week)
4. Be proud of yourself when you end up throwing away less general waste that normal, knowing your impact on our landfills is reduced. Happy Recycling Day! Recycling will help reduce our environmental impact and it’s not difficult at all!


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